Wishlist for projects

Hello you all,

Since we moved house, I have more space, more tools, more time to do projects.
However, my Rig and my Trailer are mostly done. Just minor things are to be done, or will be done in the future.
And working on the house to improve that is not as much fun as designing, making, improvising and recycling materials to make new stuff.

So, I offered already some people my assistance or time to work on projects.
And the same as when people ask me, how much do they have to pay for a weekend trip, I say, I dont need money. I dont want it.

But then I noticed, people feel a bit weird about that.
So, I thought about it and if I do something, as a friend, with the costs of the used materials of myself, like welding rods and such already taken care of, I would be very happy if people give me a small token of respect for what I do.
And to avoid to be asked what I would like to have. I will put up a list. With examples. Suggestions.

It is easier that way.
It can be something of providing a seat or two for friends of mine during a trip, to a drink, a meal or such when we are on a trip.
Or a small item I would love to have for my Rig/Trailer/Person.

And, if not, Iam happy as well.
Only when I do real complex and extended projects, I will discus before what the reward will be.

So, now nobody have to ask me, what, how much or whatever.

I like to do it. And I am happy when you are happy. But I feel ackward when I have to price my effort, and I dont want people feel bad if they give me money and think is it too much or too little.

I hope I can do some amazing projects together with you all. And that we can have some superb tours with eachother.

next to this I have a list of examples

Greetings from Robert

Wishlist for thank you’s for a build.

  1. T-shirt of your forum/website/club xxxl
  2. Coca cola zero bottle(‘s)
  3. Chocolate
  4. Candy
  5. Dinner
  6. Tools
  7. Recovery gear
  8. Camping gear
  9. Invitation for a trip
  10. Just a thank you.